Pre-sale of the CD album has launched

That’s it! We’ve started the pre-sale of the “Tribute to Chris Cornell” CD! We’ll start shipping it on the day of the premiere – May 18, 2020. We invite you to place orders via Allegro – this is the only official sales and distribution channel for the album, entirely managed by Klamka’s singer, Gosia.

Buy the “Tribute to Chris Cornell” CD via Allegro

I think that the “Tribute to Chris Cornell” album will be also appreciated by Cornell’s non-fans and this fact, in my opinion, constitutes its additional value. Each of the compositions here could easily become a hit. But not in this devalued and currently used sense of the word, but truly.

The above paragraph is an excerpt from the album’s review on The Superunknown blog. You can read the whole thing here: The Superunknown’s review.

Main photo courtesy of: WMfono

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