Klamka: „smoothek” in a cinnamon voice

As the website jazzsoul.pl wrote – the market is unsatisfied with her voice. Some say that he has a “smooth” voice – necessary to sing both jazz arrangements of Chris Cornell’s deep ballads and to captivate the audience with a colorful mix of R&B, soul, rock and blues.

To this day, Klamka’s music has gone much further than just being among the “10 jazz records of the year” according to the Polska Płyta Polska Muzyka website. The singer has played over forty concerts, two very well-received albums and is currently working on her third album, which will be released in 2024.

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There would be no Klamka without a well-coordinated team whose chemistry works equally well on stage, in the studio and in the band bus. They play in it:


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MINI koncert w Tramwaj Cafe 52

Fund-raiser for the release of Dawid Broszczakowski’s debut album


“Tribute to Chris Cornell” at the “Best of 2020” lists

Koncert_ (17) 820x600

Concert for the 25th anniversary of LCK in Libiąż – video

820x600 - sesja (20)

“Be yourself” music video premiere

Klamka | 2024

Klamka - Następna | 2022

Klamka - Tribute to Chris Cornell | 2020