Zdjęcie - Gosia z piesełem

I would like to thank Dawid Broszczakowski most warmly and sincerely for how beautifully he thinks and expresses himself with music.

I would like to thank the artists who co-create the project: Kuba, Marcin, Piotr, and our musical guests: Justyna “SIS” and Antoni Kuzak.

Thank you to Marcin and the entire Red House Studio for a wonderful, warm welcome, huge support, hectoliters of coffee, a super comfortable couch and a lot of fun from many hours of recording. You set the bar very high.

I would like to thank my beloved husband, Bartek, for his love, support, kindness, understanding and tons of patience with my artistic soul. For being my first critic and my biggest fan. For listening to Chris, Audioslave, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Mad Season, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Mother Love Bone together on a turntable at home.

Many thanks to Ania “Słonka” and the whole family fan club for constantly cheering me on my musical path.

To my friends in Poland and abroad – in particular Marlena, Sylwia, Iza and Filip, Renia and Robert, Danusia, Marta, Karolina, Iza, Olek and Mariusz – thank you for your support, cheering me on and for constructive criticism.

To my teachers and mentors: Melissa Cross, Sandrina Sedonia, Kasia Blat and Dominika Płonka – I would like to thank you for the fact that I’m singing healthily and from the heart… and that I’m not pretending to be someone I am not.